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Welcome to Friends Fishery.

Our Biography

Success Behind Struggle

I Mr. Banshidhara Panda and my intimate friend Mr. Prasanna Kumar Sahu passed together the final examination of bachelor degree. That after we joined Post Graduate Program(Odia Department). We are always dreaming about to join a good job for a better life. So, we join Law College and continuing together with Post Graduation(At that time it is possible to join more than one college/course). But at that time for our family financial situation, we are leaving/skipping our studies and move towards finding a job to handle our family financial problems. But we were failed to get job and feeling very shy for that. But we are decide to build our career without having a job and we are decided to start a business, that give us living with a great popularity.


In 2012 me and my friend Mr. Prasanna,   decided to start “Fish Farming” on my existing 1.5Acer vacant land with an existing small pond. We gather our savings money and lend some money from money lender with interest and starting investing on that pond and start fish farming.


After that all a new problem stand in front of us, and that was some of our relatives and neighbours prevent to do this, because I am belonging from “Bramhin Family” and he also belonging from a good family.  But after that all, we decided to not step back and go forward to build our career with caring others word. After “6-9” month we harvest “40-45” Quintal per Acer. And that after we feel good and other peoples are automatically stopped talking behind us. With this type of result our self-confidence is increase and we look forward to do it again and again.

In the year 2014 we lend some land( Total Land 16 Acer) and started a Fish Farming Farm and in that year we harvest 70 Quintal Per Acer. In the year 2014 for highest production we are Awarded By Honourable Chief Minister(Odisha) Sri. Nabin Kumar Pattanayak. After getting award, we attend many training programs and get many certificates and also awarded by other organizations.


From 2014-2019 we start a revolution for fish farming and many farmers attached with us and get training and do farming as well as us and make profit and now totally 200 Acers used for fish farming locally. We are approximately harvest 10,000 Quintal, which is not found before 2014,  and we are happy to announce, we are dis this.


On other way, all local farmers together make a profit of 2-3 Cr. every year and it make an impact on our local market as well as on our economy. Some farmers get a permanent source of income and solve their financial problems.


We are always consulting other farmers and give them a perfect solution for their problem, which they are facing on their farming. We suggest them a better way of farming, which is cost effective and less time consuming. We are always attending all training programmes and learn best techniques for better farming. We also share it with other farmers for their awareness and we are feeling happy by doing this.  We are always thing about our past struggle and fill others situation and we are standing behind them to help them on their each step towards success.



Biography By:

Banshidhara Panda


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